Fractionalized Life Settlement Attorneys

Fractionalized life settlement transactions are relatively new to the investment industry. As this lucrative area grows and develops, so do the regulations, legislation and litigation pertaining to it.

At the Los Angeles law firm of Beitchman & Zekian, PC, our trial attorneys resolve transactional disputes and other litigation involving fractionalized life settlements nationwide. Our primary client base is composed of companies that purchase the death benefits to multimillion-dollar life insurance policies offered on the secondary or tertiary market. Such companies then solicit investors to buy shares in the trust and cover the policy's premium in exchange for a set percentage of future profits.

When such transactions become a source of contention, our skilled team of lawyers acts as a trusted resource for resolving the dispute in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. Our law firm also handles litigation between competitors in the fractionalized life settlement arena.

Litigating Disputes Over Policy Maturation And Premiums

Beitchman & Zekian, PC, has in-depth experience resolving disputes between life settlement providers and investors that revolve around unanticipated premium obligations. Here is an example of a common scenario:

An investor receives a portfolio stating that a share in policy X can be purchased for $50,000, and that amount is anticipated to carry the policy through maturity within 36 months. The policy fails to mature within that time frame, and the investor receives a capital call requesting another $50,000 for the next year's premium. However, the investor refuses to pay his or her pro rata share to prevent the policy from lapsing.

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