Representing Brokers, Agents, Funders And Providers

The law firm of Beitchman & Zekian, PC, is composed of Los Angeles trial attorneys with particular experience representing viatical and life settlement professionals. We frequently advise and advocate on behalf of brokers, agents, funders and providers in California and nationwide.

Our clients have included Reliant Life Shares, Settlement Group Inc. (SGI), Montage Financial Group and other respected names in the life settlement industry.

In addition to providing general legal counsel on compliance matters, we frequently defend clients in regulatory disputes and investigations conducted by the Department of Insurance (DOI), the Department of Corporations (DOC), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other federal regulatory agencies.

Protecting Against Fraud Claims And 'For Cause' Termination

Beitchman & Zekian, PC, understands the critical importance of promptly and discreetly resolving allegations of fraud, breach of contract and negligence. Insurance brokers and agents who have fraud claims pending often find themselves prohibited from licensure in other states. In addition, a "for cause" contract termination can tarnish a professional's reputation and limit future employment opportunities.

When damaging claims arise, brokers and agents can rely on our law firm's commitment to developing a strategic and effective defense based on the particular facts of the case. Our mission is to mitigate any negative ramifications and safeguard our client's career.

Turn to Beitchman & Zekian, PC, for a free initial consultation about any viatical or life settlement dispute. Call our Encino lawyers at 800-542-2046, or contact our legal team online.